2016 API Liberty Summit Program


Saturday, May 21st   |   Fresno Convention Center

Check out our great session to give yourself an idea about what our 2016 API Liberty Summit is all about.
With over 25 sessions to choose from, our topics include:

U.S. Intelligence, Economics, Second Amendment,
Taxes, Radical Islam, Property Rights, California Politics
Right to Life, Liberty, History of Conservatism,

Keynote Presentation

Proud True Unapologetic Conservatism

Featured Speakers

Stealing America
Socialism Kills
How Republicans Can Beat Clinton


Dangerous Times
Blue Lives Matter

Special Guest Speakers

America United
What Women Really Want
The Road Back to American Prosperity

Sponsored Panels

Growing the Base
Can California Be Saved

Sponsored Discussions

Playing Favorites
Minding the Gap
Live and Let Live
Balancing Civil Liberties in an Increasing Complex Culture


The Supreme Court - Under Review
Education in America
Cornerstone of Liberty


Why Im Optimistic
Why the Second Amendment
The Conservative Intellectual Movement
United States Miliatary
Restoring the Purse Strings
Is the West at Fault
How to Sell Young People
Going for Broke